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The United States is a highly coveted destination with the tourists because there is something worthwhile for every age group .There is a perfect balance between natural beauty and enviable modern infrastructure including amusement parks , casinos etc .Moreover except for the native population ,everyone else has come and settled in the  US from around the world so even a tourist visiting for the first time will not feel like an outsider here.

Needless to say , a US Visa is highly sought after .The embassy usually gives a 10 year  multiple entry visa enabling the applicant to visit multiple times  as they know that it is not possible to see such a vast landscape in one trip. 

US consulate / Embassy scrutinises every applicant based on the information filled out in the form and the personal interaction which can last from two to five minutes.

Sometimes , inspite of having a genuine case , the candidate is unable to express himself clearly resulting in rejection of the visa

We at International Travel Forum ensure that the client application is presented in great detail making it easier for the client to answer the visa officer's questions


It is therefore important to understand that this is not a clerical form filling and has to be given due importance ,for this is the ground on which your interview will be based