Visa Processing Service

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The word  Visa has been adapted from the Latin word charta visa, meaning "paper which has been seen is a conditional authorization granted by a country to a noncitizen to enter and temporarily remain within that country.

For an Indian passport holder , countries which give visa on arrival include favorite holiday destinations such as Mauritius , Hong kong , Macau , Kenya , Indonesia , Thailand ,Maldives ,Jordan , Cambodia etc Countries like Canada , SouthAfrica , Australia , Newzealand and the Schengen Member states are stringent in giving visas and require a lot of documentation like IT returns ,bank statements , overseas mediclaim insurance , tickets and hotel confirmation etc

UK requires a biometric submission with prior appointment and detailed documentation about financials and travel details. The form is very extensive and has to be filled online and is a very important document as all data has to be put forth to the embassy via the form

USA requires biometrics followed by an interview to ascertain the genuineness of the traveler. Apart from correct documentation , body language plays a great part in the visa process. Sometimes the clients get hassled as they cannot understand the accents of the interviewing officer and thus face rejections in spite of having a credible case.

At International Travel Forum we specialize in handling all types of visas and have an unmatched success rate in US Visa application. Each case is scrutinized carefully before adapting a suitable presentation strategy inherent to the particular individual.

We provide a start to finish service module to our clients including data documentation , visa fee payment , appointment confirmation and above all,a mock training session to help the client crack the visa interview with the right approach and appropriate body language

For all your visa queries Contact us online or you can call us at our helpdesk