Tom and Veree Verna Woodbridge India tour

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Dear Anita,

We’re home and I’m trying to get my body off Delhi time and stop waking me at 3am! 

I just want to thank you for such a super trip. Tom and I enjoyed ourselves so much and that was thanks to your planning.

We have recommended you to several folks stating that you and Manish do a wonderful job of arranging tours. Overall our drivers spoke quite understandable English and were amazing drivers! Their driving skills and caution were outstanding ! The guides they secured at the different locations were also very good. Of course the locations were breathtaking and quite varied - - as is India.

For all the flights and different drivers and guides we were pleased that there were no major difficulties. I think our driver, Mr. Sasi, in Kerala and the Sienna Village in Munnar were the two weakest parts, but neither were bad, just not as pleasing as elsewhere. However, Mr. Sasi was able to find a Kathakali performance for us even though we had been told that there were none available to be seen! So we were delighted with that turn of events.


The after trip glow still surrounds us and we are so happy we went. Thank you ever so much for your tour guidance. I loved that you came up to Jaipur and helped me shopping, what a cool thing for you guys to do! We again thank you for the very Indian dinner and the charming silver mementos that you gave us which are on display at our front entrance table. I’ve written your auntie Sulu about our lovely time and what a good job you did for us.

 Of course when you come to the States you’ll have to come visit and we will share our corner of the US with you including Disney World in Orlando – just 3 ½ hours away!

How could I fail to mention the gorgeous hotels! We LOVED the Khyber Resort in Gulmarg – they did an upgrade and wow! The Radisson Blu in Delhi with the upgrade was also super, as was the Taj Vivanta in Srinagar. Upgrades certainly kicks up the experience from “economy to business class” settings! It was so cool to stay at one of The Leela properties and of course the Holiday Inn Resort was full of vacationing families with all their youthful energy. Thanks for picking such a wonderful array of hotels.

 We have told all our friends that the trip was as wonderful as we had hoped it would be. It’s something of a leap of faith to take on an individual tour with an unknown tour agent based on the memories of a 12 year old girl! You know, with a big name tour you know someone is going to take care of any problem, but on our own it was our responsibility. However you had everything so well laid out and answered our queries so promptly that we never had an anxious moment. So yea for International Travel Forum!

 I only woke up at 6am this morning so guess I’m back to EST. I wore the blue Anakali outfit last Thursday evening when we went out to dinner with friends and everyone was most complimentary. Then yesterday I wore the black, white & red block printed one to church and received rave reviews also, so will try to get a couple photos together to share with you.

 When you come to the US east coast to visit your auntie, remember we are just a 1000 miles south!

All the best to you and your family,