Breaking the ice with mood Indigo !

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Breaking the ice with mood Indigo !

Airline passengers unlike those travelling by train or bus always like to wear a stiff upper lip   never wanting  to engage in a casual conversation with the fellow traveler

Most prefer to give a nonchalant “ Please  don’t disturb me I am busy..  “ look to those wanting to initiate any  conversation

But now the ice may be broken if Indigo has its way ! In the times of mobile technology muting  the interpersonal interactions in the society , this move could just make sure that people are cornered into talking to their fellow passenger instead of being buried in their mobiles or laptops.

The low cost of tickets on no frill airlines like Spicejet , Airasia or Indigo airlines have opened up a new market allowing  many first timers to fly .

These newbies can be identified by the sheer excitement and nervousness they exude.

I once had a co passenger wanting to know when the oxygen masks would come down  and what if his mask was damaged. He wanted to make sure that the mask was alright by seeing it first ! While travelling alone I prefer to catch up on my reading but this time around I found myself assuring and reassuring the gentleman that we were in good hands and that he needent worry ! Regardlessly all  through the flight  he  kept ringing for the flight attendant  to address his queries which ranged from life threatening questions like what if the window pane broke  mid air to milder ones like how to get the recliner tray out of its lodging.

I think the team at Indigo must have taken cognizance of this opportunity and found yet another avant garde way of making making money on the side !

The innovative airline has now decided to charge a pre booking fee upto 2 hours prior to the flight for all seats the difference in premium based on the location of the seat  .  If you dont prebook , you can get a seat only at the time on check in which will only give you  the leftover options.Finding two seats together may also be a challenge


So if you intend to fly with your family or  your significant other  on an Indigo flight and intend to sit together , it is better to pre book seats and not wait till airport check in for seat allotment because there is no saying where your seat would be .

Judging by the number of people who don’t like to buy food onboard  and bring their own meals on the flight  , it will be fun to see the one member of the family passing fragrant paratha rolls  from one seat to other so as to reach  the other  family members sitting in different  rows on the aircraft . Talk of your senses being invaded by the overwhelming smell of the food

Indigo Airlines  always  known for its unorthodox ideas  and quirky advertising  has  been smart enough to recognize  revenue generating  opportunities where the other airlines could never even  think of it . And now they venture out to make the airline passengers more social and amiable human beings. Or else get an assured revenue

Smart and intelligent..Simply Indigo

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